DNA Business Intelligence

The market offers many solutions for Business Intelligence. We have to ask: what can it be used for? With a well-established ERP system we are flooded with information and data. Question: why should I pay attention to a further source of information that will be more or less the same that I get from an ERP window, or from a view, or from a specific report?...

I realized that without a business intelligence dashboard I have to waste time to find the data I need, then I have to put them together, I have to execute calculations in an Excel spreadsheet and have them ready at last! And unfortunately the next week I have to run the same steps from the beginning, wasting time and making mistakes!

We have already done all this work in DNA Business Intelligence dashboards, eventually you will tell how to present them in the best shape. This goal, although in itself is already very important, it would not satisfy our constant search for technological and functional improvement. For this ITACME has chosen to develop dashboards in QlikView ®, because it is the best product currently on the market and has an optimum price/quality ratio, because it allows us to produce excellent design results, because it is extremely fast even when it has to process millions and millions data. Its great flexibility and computational speed has allowed us to develop dashboards with drill down to the highest levels of detail, albeit from analysis of maximum aggregation.

DNA Business Intelligence is divided into several products: Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Production, Finance, Quality Management.