DNA Document Management System

The market offers many solutions of document archiving, since many years, and the ITACME one could be considered one among all others. This is not true! DNA Document Management System is a product integrated into both DNA ERP Core and in all the other ITACME products, so the situation is quite different.

In all the most important management environments you can store any kind of documentation that you have acquired with a scanner, or any type of files (drawings, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, e-mails).

But this is not a sufficient added value for ITACME. Even when printing with DNA, you can automatically archive it linking to a document, and this both with customers and suppliers documents: you decide where you want to apply it. To find out the stored document will be easy, because every window has a button to recall the right document: a remarkable advantage to save working time.

You can use DNA Document Management System also for other purposes, for example to populate your web site with photographs and drawings of your products, or to help identifying the parts during the acceptance process or the search in your warehouses. DNA Document Management System can be used in all other ITACME products: DNA Warehouse Management, DNA Quality Management, DNA Manufacturing.