DNA Electronic Data Interchange

Many companies require that their suppliers are able to meet their business requirements on electronic exchange of information. Theoretically, any information can be migrated to an electronic format, but the most frequent and widespread use is related to the management of supplies, shipments of goods and invoicing. Over the years many different systems were created, some international other local or for a specific business, which have become reference standards.

To tell the truth these standard are more theoretical than practical, since each company, more or less, has changed the standard based on actual need.

The ITACME EDI product allows you to manage the company's relationship towards their suppliers and their customers, enclosing some of the most widely-used standards . The logic common to both subsystems are based on the fact that there are open orders that secure the economic and financial policies, and define the possible destinations for delivery or receipt of materials.

The flow of incoming information (EDI customer) automatically generates the new situation of the orders and calculate as result, according to the actual situation of quantities shipped and in transit, the amount and timing of new shipments needed to cope with the new delivery program.

The flow of output information (EDI provider) is calculated according to the needs of supply and the actual situation of deliveries already registered, producing the new delivery plan for each supplier.