DNA Erp Core

Core has several meanings. The main ones are: the core, the heart. These are words that bring to mind the basic concepts of life and dynamism of the flow of lifeblood.

In an ERP the lifeblood are the data that must flow fluid and must be in the right place at the right time. All ITACME products know that they can tap into the core to get what they need.

This means that the level of integration of all the ITACME products is total and you never have to migrate data from one product to another. In addition to making sure the integrity of the data, you are able to add new products over time to zero integration costs. This means the integration of all DNA modules is full and this is a distinct advantage that eliminates the worry of having to face additional costs in a new business project.

The DNA solution is complete under functional aspects and fully integrated, because the "engine" that drives the application is the same for all the modules of which it is composed. It is easy to use, because the interface and interactivity are intuitive for the user and "technologically advanced" as developed according to the highest standards.

It is recognized as easily adaptable to different companies due to the strong setting capability, to the print form configuration possibilities, by changing the standard ones or by creating new print forms and to the almost infinite customization possibilities offered by the powerful technology of the Customization Script tool which allows you to change both the aspect and the behavior of the standard DNA forms or to create new forms and due to its nature of Multi-Languages and Multi-Companies application.

But what does it contain and what allows you to make the core?

The core contains all the basic management features for the company: centralized repository of all corporate information, tables and master data common to the main functional areas; administration and tax compliance and financial management; controlling area; assets management; sales and billing process management; purchase management; warehouse and shipping management; production process handling based on a powerful MRP used for planning and scheduling activities and on the MES.

The licenses policy is partly based on simultaneous system’s users, working at the same time, and partly by one-off licenses. We remind you that the Core product is the basic component of the larger product DNA Manufacturing Solutions.

For more information about the key features included in the Core product, please refer to the attached document "Overview". In the "Technical features" document are briefly described some of the useful features that are common to all DNA modules that highlight the practical and easy to use application.