The DNA ERP solution was developed by ITACME thinking of the average Italian company. The product meets the requirements of companies of multiple sectors and categories ranging from manufacturing to distribution, to services. Product features do not only manage common business flows and processes, but also meet the needs, common in application practice, of parameterize both database and programs to make them more adherent to different contexts. To explain the previous concept we can take the lead by explaining the basics of Classification. This is a user-oriented procedure adapts to employees with basic technical skills that allows you to extend the data set available in the ERP so you can store, display and print information needed by the company which are not already present in the standard product. New defined data sets can be immediately available in DNA ERP product windows and reports without any programming or scripting change. Parametric product features allow you to generate new items by matching technical specifications or specific attributes that can be used both as a search filter and in reporting.

Sector Solutions

Over the years, DNA ERP has become a success story in many different business realities. The list of business categories in which the product has been installed is wide. Obviously, this wide range of applications did not give rise to different software versions or vertical products, otherwise there would not be a standard reference. In the product development, ITACME has always paid particular attention to versatility, which is manifested both through high-tech solutions and by delivering the product to an extremely articulated parameterization, factors that create the conditions for a truly wide field of business application.

Purchasing Portal

Purchasing Portal is a WEB purchase portal product with many innovative features able to notify to providers the delivery plan created in DNA or other ERP system.

Purchasing Portal drastically reduce the dialogue between the customer and the supplier, based on traditional instruments, which is extremely expensive and inefficient both for the buyer and for the receiver.

The main advantages reached by the Purchasing Portal is a great time saved and the timeliness of receipt of information about the tracking of the whole process of the orders status and shipment.

E-mail and fax may fall into disuse if both parties are able to keep each other updated about the situation of expected deliveries, confirmation date, amount and prices debate. The supplier is able to confirm the delivery plan or change it according to its manufacturing or shipping capacity, split deliveries on different dates, ask for a price adjustment.

The confirmations and the changes introduced, if authorized by the customer’s buyer, update in real-time the orders entered in DNA or its own ERP, keeping track of the changes. The portal allows the supplier to upload data of shipments made so that can be updated the customer’s sales orders and the requested documents for the receipt of Goods.

Purchasing Portal does not require any installation or maintenance activities, because it works in the cloud.

Sales portal

The Sales Portal is a web product that provides the B2B world integrating it into DNA ERP. The functionality given by DNA Web Services allow the portal both to display the product catalog, accompanied by media files stored, and the inserting of any orders or quotes via the portal.

For companies which manage catalogs open to sales configuration processes of kits or ATO (Assembly-To-Order) the portal can have access to the configuration process of the BOM.

From the back office side of application you can filter the orders received in real time to check and confirm them to the portal user.

The sales portal is able to support some of the main activities of agency networks or sales offices, such as the credit control and the display of own customers portfolio.