DNA Manufacturing Execution System

The DNA MES product has been designed to be used with different devices: mobile radio (WiFi), touch screen terminals in a local network or WiFi, personal computers. Like all products of ITACME has no need for interfacing with ERP DNA core nor should be installed on the equipment: a great advantage for costs and safety. Using touch screen terminals or personal computers will be necessary using a wired scanner, while through the mobile equipments will be used the inner laser scanner equipment to read the required to make faster all department jobs.

The tracking of entry and exit of the workers can be made directly from the workplace or through appropriate devices prepared for the purpose, but it can also come from a surveys presence system already installed in the company. The system is suitable to handle foreign staff visiting or activities taking place in the company plant.

DNA MES product can perform multiple activities, all extremely simplified and with the minimum necessary input from the system user. In a very intuitive and fast way you can manage work teams or individual operators coupled to one or more machines at the same time, manage the shifts in turn, handle the suspension of activities arising from issues of machine or material or equipment, have a real-time control of activities to try to understand the reasons for inefficiency of performance, manage multi-working machinery.

Thanks to windows set up for wide size screens, you can see the state of machines and human resources of department or factory automatically refreshed on the video.

The statements performed by system users, for all production activities, are recorded in real-time and they can be reviewed immediately by department managers through system windows of easy understanding.

DNA MES interacts with the DNA product manufacturing not only for the implementation of issued work orders but also for time and quantity enhancements, automatically inserted by scheduling input activity or by department managers input.

The activities of production withdrawal and deposit can be handled with the DNA WMS product, in this case it is also possible to manage the handling of cargo units.