DNA Manufacturing

If your Company does not produce any goods is a real shame: you cannot appreciate one of the flagships of ITACME. The many skills experienced by our staff in different industrial fields, has allowed us to enclose in the product standard the solutions for any specific needs. Thanks to an extensive set of parameters it is possible to adapt the product with different configurations, with different planning methods (make to stock, make to order) and with different ways to manage company items (batch tracing, serial number).

DNA ERP product contains a very efficient management of BOM and production cycles per manufacturing plant that can be supported by the Product Configurator based on configuration rules and principles.

A high-performance MRP calculation engine will help you planning the supply of finished and semi-finished products in accordance with the policies that you have set. The results will easily flow into orders which can be directly managed with DNA MES.

With the CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning) and scheduling functions you will be able to balance the workload across all departments and resources that you manage and Gantt charts can help you in your important work. Your decisions, binding orders to resources you set, will be respected and update, in real-time, the orders and the operations by changing the planned duration.

Those who use third party services (outsourcing work) will appreciate the ability to automatically generate outsourcing orders and the easy way to manage the preparation and shipment of items to external contractors, as well as they appreciate the return of processed items that automatically generates data for checking and booking the supplier invoices.

The focus on cost reporting is maximum. You can decide among different calculation criteria for warehouse items and resources to simulate and consolidate production costs. A powerful calculation engine lets you know at any time the WIP (Work in Progress) value in summarized form or detailed per resource and production order: you have all necessary data to provide a financial statements for the desired period.

DNA Manufacturing interacts with DNA MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and DNA WMS (Warehouse Management) products.