DNA Quality Management System

All companies we know are very sensitive to this issue and we all work with the goal of increasing the quality of our products.

The continuous search for improvement is based on stringent controls, on traceability of non-compliance, on the constant monitoring of suppliers, trying to decrease the impact on costs and Company image that comes from a "poor quality".

The check process cause, however, high costs and often force us to use difficult and complex forms. For manufacturing and trading companies is critical that the material checks snap at the right time and are manageable smoothly, without creating bottlenecks in the process of acceptance or production.

DNA Quality Management aims respectful of these basic needs, guiding you through the stages of acceptance of materials suggesting the actions and controls that you need to accomplish, for which suppliers, for which amount of sampling, taking control of the situation when needed. Its full integration in the purchasing, production and logistics flow, drastically reduces the need to establish complex organizational and IT procedures. In the event of non-compliance DNA Quality Management product is able to guide you in the process of claims, returns to vendor and replacements, reaching up to implement the supplier invoices control or issuing the credit notes.

When is the customer to communicate a claim or a non-compliance, DNA Quality Management lets you manage from the starting steps all related activities, taking care to check whether the material was actually returned by the customer or not, to manage replacements under warranty, to handle the issue of credit notes for cases where this is necessary.

Of course, all activities have the maximum detail and this will allow you to make all the checks and statistics that you feel are necessary, especially if you have also chosen the DNA Quality Management dashboard.