DNA Manufacturing Solutions has a specific product localization which adheres to all specific accounting and fiscal rules accepted in the USA.

The Localization GAAP U.S.A. includes the translation of both product labels and print reports in the English language, and the main master data (product items, payment terms, ...) that must have the corresponding version in English, but also in Italian and moreover in any additional language in which you intend to manage the system.

Below we list some features available in DNA ERP Core USA GAAP product:

The Chart of accounts structure suits the USA standards and can be personalized according to the specific requirements of the Company.

In USA accounting the deletion of a booking is not allowed: you are required to reverse the booking. The system is able to reverse any kind of transactions by performing an automatic void of the selected booking.

The Financial statement accomplishes all the required needs for Federal periodic reporting. Besides you can create any other kind of statement for internal managerial needs.

For assets depreciation calculation it is possible choosing among the main international criteria and you can set different calculation types for the accounting and other managerial depreciation types.

In USA the VAT tax is not applied. Instead the system handles the three different sales taxes for Customers that have the goods shipped to States which apply this fee (depending on State and County of Customer seat). They can be both applied to goods and services. The quarterly Sales Tax Report can be automatically prepared for each State which requires it.

One of the most used payment method, among companies, is by Bank check. In DNA system the supplier payment by check can be managed, including the incremental check number assignment and the printing check form.

Not only the application labels can be managed in different languages, but even the print documents can be issued in the different languages. This way you can manage several languages at the same time to issue documents, according to business partner preferred language.

The inventory and production bookkeeping can never be separated from the general ledger, because any warehouse, production and outsourcing transaction creates an accounting booking: this means the bookkeeping is always aligned to warehouse situation. According to ERP setting any difference between the value of the vendor invoice or the production deposit and the value of the order or the standard costs, can generate variance bookings. The inventory pricing can be run with different costing calculation. The handling purchase costs can be directly charged to cost of goods.