The world of e-commerce is rapidly evolving, orienting more and more in the integration between the WEB technology and the ERP platform.

However all Web applications developed by third parties that have to be integrated with the ERP, although they have an high technological standard, are often based on an obsolete principle: the replication of ERP data in a WEB applications database. In ITACME we believe that the data replication cannot be the only possible solution. Therefore, we have developed a versatile Web Service with Microsoft technology that enables a simple integration of WEB applications, even already existing, and the data residing in the DNA ERP database.

The technological level reached by DNA WEB Service is extremely high, since not only makes possible the real-time migration of data that are needed by WEB application, but also allows the real-time inserting of data in the ERP by WEB applications. To provide some elements of assessment of what is possible doing, just think that with a few elementary and structured information in XML format, you can:

• Display the product catalog available on the website.

• Display the sales price-list.

• Insert orders or quotes.

• Perform a configuration process for a new product.

• Display the availability of stock products.

• Display the portfolio of orders in progress.

What is a Web Service and how is developed the DNA Web Service?

The Web Service is a system software designed to support interoperability among different clients and servers in the same network, company network or internet. The Web Service is published with a software interface that allows automatic processing by who requires the consumption; DNA Web Service use WSDL (Web Service Description Language), which through the protocol SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) describes the methods of call and return parameters. The low-level communications pass via HTTP protocol and standard XML format. Thanks to the use of these protocols, applications written in different development languages and designed for different hardware platforms (Windows, Linux, etc..) are able to communicate through a standard language and could benefit the services that you chose to publish.

Purchasing Portal is a WEB purchase portal product with many innovative features able to notify to providers the delivery plan created in DNA or other ERP system.

Purchasing Portal drastically reduce the dialogue between the customer and the supplier, based on traditional instruments, which is extremely expensive and inefficient both for the buyer and for the receiver.

The main advantages reached by the Purchasing Portal is a great time saved and the timeliness of receipt of information about the tracking of the whole process of the orders status and shipment.

E-mail and fax may fall into disuse if both parties are able to keep each other updated about the situation of expected deliveries, confirmation date, amount and prices debate. The supplier is able to confirm the delivery plan or change it according to its manufacturing or shipping capacity, split deliveries on different dates, ask for a price adjustment.

The confirmations and the changes introduced, if authorized by the customer’s buyer, update in real-time the orders entered in DNA or its own ERP, keeping track of the changes. The portal allows the supplier to upload data of shipments made so that can be updated the customer’s sales orders and the requested documents for the receipt of Goods.

Purchasing Portal does not require any installation or maintenance activities, because it works in the cloud.

The Sales Portal is a web product that provides the B2B world integrating it into DNA ERP. The functionality given by DNA Web Services allow the portal both to display the product catalog, accompanied by media files stored, and the inserting of any orders or quotes via the portal.

For companies which manage catalogs open to sales configuration processes of kits or ATO (Assembly-To-Order) the portal can have access to the configuration process of the BOM.

From the back office side of application you can filter the orders received in real time to check and confirm them to the portal user.

The sales portal is able to support some of the main activities of agency networks or sales offices, such as the credit control and the display of own customers portfolio.