DNA Warehouse Management System

DNA WMS product is the optimal outcome of a great challenge. The automation of logistics activities has always been a business almost entirely of the System Integrators. However the needs of manufacturing and commercial companies are well known to all: recognize and handle materials, products for sale, trace their provenance and the batches, label them, know where they are, what stage has been reached in preparing packaging, shipping and arrange all the necessary documents, organize the arrival of the means, load them with the certainty that you have not forgotten anything. DNA WM does all this and something more sophisticated than a departmental product: shares in real-time all of its activities with DNA ERP Core Standard . This is not a trivial difference and it is right to emphasize it. The immediacy of the transaction between an input from the sales man and an action of a logistics user can make the difference: is there the way to implement this in a traditional architecture where the ERP interacts with the logistics system through a data migration that can take a long time? The answer is no: you cannot. But this is not the only strength of DNA WMS: for example, the complete coverage of all areas of logistic business. Let's try to make a summary.

The physical and accounting recognition of materials, the process of labeling, tracking of batches and serial numbers, the location in the loading unit, the management of information concerning the test (it requires DNA QM product), MADE-IN tracking and preferential origin, the tracking of outsourcing returns.

Management of planting
The management of the mission, the dialog with automatic storages, the retrieval of the material (where is it?), the transfer of material from a loading unit to another, loading unit inventory management.

Management of the picking for production and shipping
Leading the picker in the withdrawal, sorting pick lists based on the physical state of the material (weight, volume, do you need a crane or a forklift?), tell it exactly where it needs to bring the material.

Management of production deposit
Putting the product into loading units, print out the labels of the product, place the material, declare the non-conformity of production, manage the consumption of components.

Packaging management
Managing the customer's shipping leading the packers to use the right packaging, quickly find the material brought by the pickers, draw the batches and the serial number, label the packages.

Transport management
Preparing the list for each withdrawal of the carrier with the packages of the customer, checking not to exceed the weights and volumes, printing documents (delivery note or invoice, packing list, certifications, borderaux).

Management of means loading
Directing the packers in the areas where the packages are, marking the finished loading means, confirming the departure.

With DNA WM all the activities that take place on the ward are operated with mobile or touch screen devices WiFi.