DNA Workflow

For a long time the relationship between user and system was unbalanced from the user side. Generally speaking, also an advanced ERP system is passive towards the user. This means is the user who has to query the system to obtain desired data, and very rarely is the opposite with the system showing the company facts and situations. A "traditional" ERP system is passive, because the active part is left to the user. With Workflow systems this situation has been overcome, providing the software applications a certain dynamism and "intelligence".

An ERP system that includes a native Workflow is able to better interact with users than ERP without it. A long time ago ITACME has enclosed a Workflow Management System among its products that is used to govern and make proactive the ERP. It is possible configuring it to define the flow of all activities that are organized and take place on the system, by including the authorization levels and the controls that each activity requires.

Thanks to the Workflow Management System is therefore possible, for example, to map the sales to customer process management or to track the vendors orders, defining the path they have to follow in the different corporate offices and what they need to be defined, authorized and executed.

A similar way can be used to define the process to create and map a new product or a new business project, by scheduling all steps and gradually picking up the costs triggered by the activities themselves, which then allow you to calculate the timing and the direct investments.

The company organization is typically a pyramid. As you go up in the different hierarchical levels the responsibilities increase, this is known. Also known that in daily work many decisions must be taken. DNA Workflow Management allows you to define the level up to which an office or a company job can go in making these decisions. The areas of application are much different. Just to have some examples we can list: the authorization to sign documents up to a certain amount, the certification to complete a technical product sheet or for a particular supplier, the provision of payments up to a certain amount. DNA Workflow Management interacts and supervises all these activities carried out by the DNA ERP Core and all other ITACME products.

DNA Workflow Management provides the ability to map the process of strategic information within the company. The main DNA features can be handled by workflow. The path of information, the corporate offices that participate in the activities of definition or completion of the data and the data itself can be parameterized by simple definition tables. The workflow use in different business contexts improves the quality of information, dramatically reduces the wrong data imputation and shorten the execution time of most used processes. The workflow is able to supervise the data process and calculate the time of disposal, giving the chance to know the time remaining for the attainment of each goal.