ITACME Informatica is involved in development of desktop and server applications for client / server architectures, Internet and Intranet using the latest Microsoft technologies, starting from framework .Net with version 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 till the database SQL Server 2008 / 2012. In particular the projects that have been developed and are being developed are designed to blend in internet environment, based on the design aspects that ensure the security and integrity of data. Other important aspects on which the ITACME products, based on Microsoft technology, are: standardization, scalability, security, reliability, interoperability and integration with other systems. The latter in particular has made possible to interact DNA ERP with the Internet applications: all this has resulted in the DNA Web Service Framework product which is a technological platform that aims to integrate the Web world with the business processes of DNA ERP. This product is a service-oriented application (SOA), integrator of various platforms and applications with the world of DNA ERP. Other important products regard the design of websites and portals with CMS Web Portal, the purchases and sales portal and other applications.


ITACME Informatica has chosen to rely exclusively on Oracle to manage the database structure for all DNA applications. ORACLE is a global leader of database management applications and has always been considered among the most reliable and stable between the relational database solutions of the market. ITACME Informatica has chosen ORACLE database, the leading product in its category in terms of performance, safety and reliability. Our DNA Manufacturing Solutions ERP rel. 3.0 supports the latest versions of Oracle Database 11g R2. DNA Manufacturing Solutions rel. 3.0 has reached on 24/09/2012 the Oracle Database Ready status through the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), demonstrating that ITACME Informatica has extensively tested and fully supports DNA rel. 4 with Oracle Database 12c.


QlikView is the product of the Swedish company QlikTech which has become leader, in recent years, as a software provider for Business Intelligence. Its special feature is the ease of implementation that allows personnel who are not strictly skilled to learn how to manage and edit Business Intelligence dashboards. The ability to provide end customers with a BI solution quickly adapted convinced ITACME Informatica to choose QlikView as a privileged partner for Business Intelligence projects. Discover the suite of standard Business Intelligence forms for DNA. They are modules already designed to provide the solution to your needs in terms of business data analysis but they are also highly customizable to respond to any request of analysis.


Gupta Technologies offers leading solutions for application development and data migration and management. Gupta Technologies (founded by former Oracle executives in 1984), already Unify Corporation, is a division of Daegis Inc. Gupta Team Developer is a development system designed to build and deploy large enterprise applications. With Gupta Team Developer is possible to generate intermediate code. NET (desktop and browser) or Win32. The development system, using multi-tier architecture, is ready for today's heterogeneous environments and opens the door to the future, which requires access to business applications from anywhere. Team Developer enables the development of solutions "Software as a Service" (SaaS) allowing the use of new cloud deployment options.