The company was founded in 1994 with the idea to build, from scratch, a new comprehensive management system covering all the needs of a manufacturing company, able to take advantage of those who, at the time, were considered new and pioneering technologies in order to offer Companies a product in a client - server architecture, with a friendly graphical user interface based on a relational database. ITACME was then immediately focused on the development and services of software solutions for the integrated management of manufacturing and trading Companies.


The Team of ITACME Informatica is constantly growing in number and competence. 2013 was a year of strong growth of staff with different skills, both consultants and software developers.

The Team of ITACME Informatica is composed of managers and consultants with extensive experience in different professional and cultural contexts and developers with high technological skills.

The common thread is the common passion for software development and its application in business, able to facilitate the Company achieving of its goals.

ITACME Informatica leads and deploys successfully ERP projects in every business, assisting with extreme effectiveness the Customer Company to develop and consolidate its information system.

ITACME Informatica plays on the whole national Country, working with a qualified network model that supports the involving of additional skills.


MISSION ITACME Informatica has always been the aim of ensuring:

• a constant technical and functional growth and evolution of its DNA Manufacturing Solutions ERP to provide effective solutions

• a consistent and efficient support to follow the Customer in every operational phase and growth with the aim of making it independent and improve its performance

• a constant use of acquired skills to add value to the our solution, creating new business and profitability over time, allowing us to remunerate both capital and work, to finance our development and protect our autonomy in order to give assurance to Customers of a constant future presence.


ITACME Informatica has increased, over time, the range of knowledge and skills through a well-established reputation, expertise and reliability.
For us it is important that the Customer considers our activities as a guarantee to receive qualified and professional services, to create a relationship of mutual trust and collaboration through:

• seriusness

• independence

• concreteness

• culture and quality of service